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Shower Steamer Ingredients

Our shower steamers are handmade and include the following ingredients.

Sodium Bicarbonate - Otherwise known as baking soda. Due to its high pH, it reacts with citric acid to create the fizz that releases essential oils into the shower steam.

Citric Acid - A granulated acid that is naturally derived from citrus fruits.

Fragrance - A blend of natural and synthetically created oil that provides the scent wafting from the shower steamer. 

Menthol Crystals - Derived from peppermint, these smell minty and carry the scent of the essential oil upwards into the shower steam and to your senses.

Kaolin Clay - A soft mineral that hardens the shower steamer.

Polysorbate 80 - Disperses fragrance oils evenly, preventing oils from sticking to your shower floor and providing a slip hazard.

Tapioca Starch - Anchors (locks in) the essential oil fragrances so that they are better released into the steam of your shower. Also preserves fragrances so that they do not fade over time.