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Hi! I'm Samantha, the girl behind The PartyBomb.

Samantha Malvey The PartyBomb


The PartyBomb started out as a tiny glimmer of an idea when I was pregnant with my daughter Ella.

For most of my pregnancy, I basically lived in the bath to ease my pregnancy pains. When Ella came into the world, the pain thankfully went away, but my love for sneaking away to the bath for a little me-time stuck around.

And thus, my pandemic hobby became making bathbombs! (I'm curious to know what yours was!)

The PartyBomb

I opened my Etsy shop, ThePartyBomb, in October 2020 and I expected to fail fast. Turns out I was wrong, and people apparently love my bathbombs as much as I love making them! 

I'm still on Etsy because it's another channel of customers, but because of their numerous high fees I've opened up my own website here as well for repeat customers and social media visitors.

I'm grateful that I can run a micro-business that is so creative, challenging, and fun, all the while spending all this precious time with my daughter Ella.

Thank you so much for helping my small business grow, and supporting my family!

Samantha Malvey



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