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*Bestseller* 2-Pack Unicorn Poop Bathbomb Dust

*Bestseller* 2-Pack Unicorn Poop Bathbomb Dust

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What is Unicorn Poop made of?

Well, that all depends on what the unicorn had for lunch that day. Some unicorns prefer to eat rainbows, while others are more partial to chicky nuggums and fries.

THIS particular Unicorn Poop is sourced from locally raised unicorns fed on a robust diet of organic rainbows. (You should expect no less from unicorns raised on our bathbomb farm in Boulder, Colorado).


Our bestselling unicorn bathbomb.


@the.partybomb going for that obnoxious Reels aesthetic here #aestheticvideos #momsoftoddlers #toddlermomlife #toddlermom #oddlysatisfying #ShowUsYourDrawers #etsy ♬ the swan by saint saens - ⋆ . ₊ ⋆


Each 3+ ounce vial of Unicorn Poop has a yummy bouquet of mixed fruits. 

Always fresh, never frozen. Always.... Unicorn Poop :)


Sprinkle a bit of the Unicorn Poop into bathwater and it'll fizz, foam, smell yummy, and turn your bathwater lots of funny colors. Includes all the same ingredients as our bath bombs, and it'll make your skin soft and sweet-smelling all the same. Undigested glitter and colorful fizzies may be found here and there.

Recommended for ages 5+ with supervision. CAUTION: Make sure to not get water inside the vial and then close it (just leave it open to dry out). The bath bomb foaming reaction will make the contents burst.

Unicorn Poop Ingredients