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Winter Sugar Scrubs with Shea Butter (Choose from 2 Scents)

Winter Sugar Scrubs with Shea Butter (Choose from 2 Scents)

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Blended with Shea Butter to quench dry winter skin, this is a light and fluffy foaming sugar scrub.

I like to use it first as a scrub, then wait until all the sugar has dissolved, and use it as a shaving cream. (It's also a soap, too.)


Sweet (Pomegranate + Vanilla) - A sweet and sexy scent... Wintery pomegranate and yummy Madagascar vanilla, with a sexy blend of musk and sensual jasmine.

Fresh (Juniper Berry + Rose) - If you loved Juniper Breeze growing up, you'll LOVE this scent! An elevated clean-smelling scent with notes of juniper berries, anise, & marine splashed with rose and deep violet.



Scoop a bit of scrub out and massage into wet skin, exfoliating until the sugar dissolves. Use the remaining product to shave or cleanse (it's a soap, too).

Do not store in a hot place, as sugar will melt and then it's no longer a scrub.


Packaged in a 100% recyclable PET plastic container.




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