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Halloween Launch! Plus my embarrassing Halloween costumes of years past.

Since I was a kid, my Halloween rituals began with watching Halloweentown 1-3 and Hocus Pocus.




Fast forward to the night before Halloween, when I'd generally make a last-minute Halloween costume from things lying around the house.

Here are some of my favorite costumes of years past.

A few years ago I was Dead Barb from Stranger Things during a Stranger Things -themed Halloween party I threw. My friends absolutely outdid themselves, too:



It should be noted that the wig I am wearing above was found and purchased on Ebay for $7 *well* in advance of Halloween.

But when it arrived it STUNK of cigarette smoke, and I had no time left before Halloween to find a new wig..... so I simply just went with it.

Another favorite was my "Barney's Mom" costume:


-- a boy's costume I found on sale at Marshall's that I paired with black heels. My nephews later wore it for fun around the house. That's me with my older sister Jess, perhaps she was dressed as one of the D-list child actors on the show, I don't recall.

My point here is... 

I have already spent the past 34 years embarrassing myself on Halloween. 

It is now DUTY as a new parent to put my embarrassing-costume energy and talent into a homemade costume for my 1 year old child, Ella:


Whether I make her a disgustingly cute panda bear or 1/3 of a Family Costume that I force my husband to wear, I know she will look back on the digital photos of her childhood and attempt to delete them / hide them from her current love interest, and I will consider that a win in my book.

Fellow parents, it's time we go forth and embarrass our children!

While you're at it, please check out my Halloween Collection -- there are only 8 left of my Halloween Giftset (FREE shipping with any giftset) and I've sold out of some items already.


I am so sorry to not have more giftsets to offer --

I got so excited about Halloween that I started posting early about it on Instagram and things started selling out.

Thank you everyone for your enthusiasm and supporting my handmade business, it totally fires me up every single day!!!!

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If you enjoyed these pics / this blog post (it's my first real one), let me know on Instagram / wherever.

I may just have a few more embarrassing Halloween costume photos to share for next time :)


Sam (and Ella)

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